September 28, 2018

Breastfeeding 101

Signs your Baby is Hungry

A good way to master the right breastfeeding balance is to nurse when your baby seems hungry. Don’t wait for tears; by then, your little one may be uncomfortably hungry, especially the longer she cries. She might be tiny but she’ll make her needs known by:

  • Nuzzling against your breasts
  • Sucking furiously on that little baby hand (or your shirt, or your arm)
  • Opening her mouth
  • Rooting reflex (baby opens her mouth and turns her head to the side with her mouth open to find the food source, often after her cheek is stroked)
  • Sucking on her lip or tongue (which can look like she’s sticking her tongue out)
  • Making lip-smacking sounds

Breastfeeding Positions

  1. Cradle hold:

Position your baby so that her head rests in the bend of your elbow of the arm on the side you’ll be breastfeeding, with the same hand supporting the rest of baby’s body. Hold your breast with your opposite hand and compress it very gently so that the nipple points toward baby’s nose.

2. Crossover hold:

Hold your baby’s head with the hand opposite to the breast you’ll be nursing from (i.e. if nursing from the right breast, hold the head with your left hand). Using your free hand, cup your breast as you would for the cradle hold.

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