Chicco Easy Meal Insulating Container for Baby Food System 6m+



Chicco’s Easy Meal System makes everyday life with a tiny human a lot easier. Right from breastfeeding time to the weaning period, this entire system provides you with great possibilities to store formula, snacks and the like. This way you always have the right box easy to reach – they are leak-proof and super easy to feed your child from or for snacking something healthy on the go.

Chicco’s Easy Meal insulating container for baby food system 6m+ comes with one container that holds 180 ml as well as one insulating thermo-container. The container is perfect for transporting and storing baby food and snacks. In order to keep your little one’s food warm or cold when you are on the go, simply put the filled 180ml-container into the thermo-container. This way, your child’s food is kept warm or cool for up to six hours. The matching spoon comes with a small case that keeps it sanitised and always easy to reach. Feeding your tiny human on the go has never been easier. The smaller container is easily to be screw-fastened onto the thermo-container’s lid – well thought out, innovative and trendy. From now on, you will master both short and long trips with your little one.

All containers of Chicco’s Easy Meal collection are interchangeable and feature an innovative linkage system so that they can be slotted together for transporting them safely.

Tip: The container that holds 180 ml fits perfectly into the Easy Meal Steam Cooker. Chicco’s unique and versatile containers stand out as the ideal kitchen alliances which make storing, transporting and warming food as well as feeding your child super easy.


Suitable from 6 months on
Items delivered: 1 container that holds 180 ml, 1 thermo-container
Suitable for transporting, freezing and warming food and keeping food cool/ warm
Linkage system that holds containers tightly when slotted together
BPA-free material
Made in Italy

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Weight 1.00 kg


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